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The objective of the symposium is to bring together researchers, developers and  practitioners to discuss the latest scientific results and methods in process  tomography. ProcTom2008, which is held in Zakopane, continues the popular and attractive series of process tomography society meetings, previously organized as Jurata 2000, Wroclaw 2002, Lиоdz 2004 and Warszawa 2006. The main aim of the symposium is to encourage interactive discussion on developing methods of image reconstruction, data processing, visualization with the special interest directed on the industrial and research applications. Because the science of process tomography is very wide (hard/soft fields techniques based on disciplines including electrical, optical and nuclear engineering), the symposium will also focus on possibilities to bring together experts from different modalities to share knowledge and propose better tomography utilization.


The ProcTom2008 covers all topics in process tomography including but not limited to:

1.      2D, 3D image reconstruction in hard and soft-field tomography

2.      Construction and development of measurement units and sensor design

3.      Data handling (visualization, processing, analysis)

4.      Tomography-related software

5.      Modeling and simulation

6.      Industrial/Research applications

7.      Future trends of process tomography


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