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Welcome to the 5th International Symposium on Process Tomography in Poland.

Process tomography has evolved as a mature research multi-disciplinary area with a strong background in fundamental sciences (mathematics and physics). Process tomography is well established and it is being widely applied in industry.

The great interest in process tomography has yielded in the series of big international congresses on process tomography which have been held every second year. Till now the international tomography community has met in Manchester (1999), Hannover (2001), Banff (2003), Aizu (2005) and Bergen (2007). Meantime the series of smaller meetings has been established as international symposia on process tomography. They are thought as a supplement to congresses and are held always in the non-congress year (Jurata 2000, Wroclaw 2002, Lodz 2004 and Warsaw 2006). The last edition had welcomed scientists working in the field of process tomography from different region of the world including South America, Asia and Europe.

This year we would like kindly to invite you for the 5th International Symposium on Process Tomography in Poland which will take place in Zakopane at 25th to 26th of Aug. 2008.

 We look forward to your coming in person. 

Event supported by the International            Event organized by Computer Engineering Department
Society for Industrial Process                    Tomography of the Technical University of Lodz